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Membrane Doors

Bringing forth an extensive array of Doors, such as Laminated Doors, Laminated Flush Doors, Laminated Folding Doors, Laminate Cabinet Doors.

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FRP (Fiber Rainforce Plastic) Doors

Sp. For Bathroom & Toilet Use.

1.3 to 1.5 mm thick FRP Skin is Moulded cover the core material forming a Sandwich Penal. Necessary wooden supports are provided for fixing the Handles, Locks, Stoppers and other accessories. The door is self-Pigmented and available in Color of your choice. Also available in natural wood finish. Doors available in smooth finish and wood grain finish, 100% waterproof, Termite proof & Whether Proof

Color : 1. WHITE, 2. COFFEY  3. IVORY  4. GOLDEN  5. OFF WHITE 
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