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Membrane Doors

Bringing forth an extensive array of Doors, such as Laminated Doors, Laminated Flush Doors, Laminated Folding Doors, Laminate Cabinet Doors.

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Moulded Doors

Moulded doors are stylish and elegant, Made with a world renowned HDF skill with pre-primed colored, available in smooth and textured surfaces with matching befouls to suit any decor. Customer has the choice to select any color or
polish as per suits their beautiful home.

Finishing Instructions:
Doors are delivered pre-primered (white), doors has no
required sanding / Lapi / Putti, direct apply 2-3-coats of good
quality paint of desires color.
For extra water resistance polyurethane / touch / wood coat is recommended, especially in the balcony, bathroom and toilet door application.
2p-Panel, 4p-Panel, 3p-Mirror (Ovel), 2p-Horizon

NOTE : Mouled panel door are especially meant for interior use only. Raw materials, size and designs are subject to availability
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